Behaviour Management and Nurturing

Not all children are easy to manage in an educational setting. As a school, we have a successful approach to deal with challenging behaviour. As a team, we work together to change children’s attitudes and behaviours to allow them to cope in the classroom. It’s not easy, but worthwhile.

We also work with children who need that little bit of extra support and nurturing. Our fantastic Nurture Group works with children to allow them to grow in confidence and self-esteem, learning those key social skills, while not falling too far behind their peers academically.

We can provide a range of support from friendly advice to active support, or use this website to chat to other professionals with a similar mindset.

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Nursery Record of Concern

Nursery Record of Concern

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Downloadable Documents

The Hand of Support

The 'hand of support' .... 5 people.

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Supporting Children's Behaviour Socially

Notes about Supporting children's friendships socially.

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Our Launch! 26/09/2017

Some pics of our Launch!

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Emotion Coaching

PDF from Anita's Presentation. Brilliant.

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BOAT Launch Presentation

This is a PDF of the slides used at the BOAT Launch event...

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