Communication Trust Short Course:

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Sarah Wykes
Communication Trust Short Course:

Please register for a short course... These courses take up to 1/2 day and support practitioners.

Alice Morris

This is brilliant!

Fantastic ideas shared by many professionals throughout to help with communication skills not only when working with children but gaining confidence to help support parents.

There are simple but effective ideas that are shared to help CPD when working with and identifying the needs of children with SLCD.

I will continue to use this site and the extra sites and resources available to recap and reflect on my practice. The communication trust and the SLCF portal are brilliant and if my confidence slides in my abilities to support children with SLCD; I will use the online tool to help with better practice.

Alice Morris

Free resources are as follows:

From The Communication Trust and Early Support for children and families;
Misunderstood Supporting children and young people with speech, language and communication needs.

All from The communication Trust:

Universally Speaking- The ages and stages of children's communication development From birth to 5 years, 5-11 years and 11-18 years.

All publications were sent for free within 24 hours.